Giving gratitude to Gaia should be an everyday blessing. We thought it would be fun to schedule 12 days out of the year and do something special. On the 8th of each month we will be creating a list of activities that we all can do.

List of activities

Hugging a tree increases levels of hormone oxytocin. This hormone is responsible for feeling calm and emotional bonding. When hugging a tree, the hormones serotonin and dopamine make you feel happier. It is important to use this “free” space of a forest we were given by nature to holistically heal ourselves.

  1. Helps reduce stress
  2. Helps with depression
  3. Can lower blood pressure
  4. Helps your brain function better
  5. Sharper thinking and improved concentration
  6. Increased positivity
  1. Helps in preventing insomnia
  2. Reduction in inflammation
  3. Helps to improve your mental well-being
  4. Walking barefoot on grass regulates your heart health
  5. It’s great for your eyes
  1. More time spent connecting with others.
  2. Better sleep!
  3. Disconnect from the programming
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